Sign the Petition to TIAA to Divest from Land Grabbing and Fossil Fuels

TIAA is a major contributor to the climate crisis, through its tens of billions of dollars invested in fossil fuel companies, fossil fuel infrastructure, and industrial agribusiness plantations.

But TIAA's plans to address climate change are not only too little, too late, but they will actually lead to more land grabs, as TIAA tries to "offset" its carbon emissions by buying up more land for industrial tree and crop production that they say will also sequester carbon.

Tell TIAA to take the climate crisis seriously and to immediately divest from fossil fuels and from land grabs.



Take Action to Get Colleges and Universities out of Land Grabbing

We have a new toolkit for faculty, staff, and students to get organized and get their college or university retirement plans and endowments out of farmland speculation and agribusiness investments contributing to land grabbing and deforestation.

Faculty, staff, and students at colleges and universities across the country are unknowingly participating in land grabbing. Retirement funds and college endowments are major players in farmland speculation. Now there is a way to push back. 

Check out the Toolkit to Take Action to Stop Land Grabs at Colleges and Universities!


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