Part 1: TIAA’s “sustainability reports” can’t paper over the impacts of land grabbing

With a client base surpassing 5 million people, TIAA is one of the largest retirement funds in the world. What most of us don’t realize is that TIAA is also the largest owner of farmland in the world – and it’s getting bigger.

As a TIAA client who grew up in farming, I am angry about this. TIAA knows that taking ownership of farms away from families and communities isn’t going to be popular. That’s why they prepare a “sustainability report” each year to try to soothe any concerns that might emerge among their clients who are unlikely to look too closely at the details.


SHARE SHARE ON FACEBOOK SHARE ON TWITTER SHARE BY EMAIL TIAA Campaign Update: Momentum Builds Towards a Land Grab-Free Policy Shift

Momentum continues to build in our work to demand that TIAA, the world’s largest private retirement system, implement an investment policy free of deforestation and land grabs! Over 100,000 people, including thousands of TIAA holders, have taken action demanding that TIAA respect small farmers as part of our Campaign to Get TIAA Out of Forests and Farmland.

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Stopping Colleges’ Land Grabs: Farmers and Faculties Unite

Grassroots International is supporting our partner The Social Network for Justice and Human Rights (Rede Social) and our allies like GRAIN in a global campaign to stop violent and illegal land grabs at their source: the massive financial investments of pension funds and college endowments.


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