April 21, 2017

NEW YORK, NY – On Thursday a coalition of environmental, human rights and family farm organizations delivered a letter with more than 100,000 signatures to pension fund management company TIAA, expressing concerns over the company’s investments in farmland and palm oil.

The organizations are demanding that TIAA disclose the locations of its farms and its investments in destructive palm oil companies, and that these investments be stopped.

TIAA is one of the largest global investors in farmland, with more than 1.5 million acres in the United States and around the world worth $8 billion under its management. The company’s land holdings have been linked to land grabbed from local farmers in Northeast Brazil. According to Brazilian researchers[1], land was bought by TIAA through its subsidiaries from a businessman regarded as one of the worst land grabbers in the region.

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source :  https://www.actionaidusa.org